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Closet - an afternoon adventure

Sometimes we all find ourselves in this situation. Items pile up over the years and the easiest thing to do is to pile more on top of it. You become paralyzed, overwhelmed and stuck. It only took an afternoon to make this space fully functional and practical for my client's needs. Some items were donated but most items found their proper place. A designated spot where they belong. This is the initial step that helps to build courage and determination to keep any home organized. It is an investment into peaceful and mindful living. Usually our space is a reflection of our mind. My clients have confirmed this core belief.

In addition, we found a rainbow/chakra colored room divider that my client purchased many years ago and never used it. She shared how much joy it sparks in her but her hesitation to use it in her home. It took a little bit of courage. Once she saw it she was absolutely delighted. Later in the day she followed up with a phone call, "I have a problem!" Her …

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